[Vision Care] Sr.Manager/Principal, Data Scientist

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Data Science
Posted on Thursday, August 17, 2023


General Summary / 職務概要

  • The Data Science function within J&J Vision Japan is looking for an extraordinary Sr.Manager/Principal, Data Scientist who is passionate about designing , developing, and fielding data mining solutions that have direct impact to patients , customers, and professionals . In our commitment to promote enterprise data driven culture, the Data Science Function is empowered to explore and analyze data to uncover insights , patterns and deep understanding that converts into true business value.
  • The Sr.Manager/Principal, Data Scientist is expected to drive thought leadership and C suite executive decisions making by leveraging various data solutions and AI capabilities. To achieve this vision, it is imperative to deliver most up to date d ata solutions and drive AI /mL capabilities at scale t hat permeate s through the entire organization.
  • Reporting directly into the B usiness I ntelligence Director, the Sr.Manager/Principal, Data Scientist will lead a team of data scientists to d esign, develop and program methods, processes, and systems to consolidate and analyze diverse “big data” sources to generate actionable insights , solutions and visualization to answer key business questions , ultimat ely serving the needs of patients and customers.

Duties & Responsibilities / 職務および職責

  • Drive the design, implementation and adoption of state of the art algorithmic, data exploration and computational skills to develop AI /mL & data capabilities & solutions across multiple business areas.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive data and AI strategy that aligns with J&J Vision Japan’s goals and enables business success across Sales and Strategy and Marketing functions.
  • Develops and codes software programs, algorithms and automated processes to cleanse, integrate and evaluate large datasets from multiple disparate sources. Skillful manipulation of 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd party data sources. Sets vision & architecture for manipulation and analysis of large and unstructured data sets.
  • Provide clear oversight, direction and accountability for the Data Science team and directly advise business functions with acute focus on Japan specific sensitivity e.g. Japanese language related AI models
  • Identifies meaningful insights from large data and metadata sources; interprets , communicates and visualizes insights and findings from analysis and experiments to business stakeholders
  • Lead team of Data scientists and Analytics Union members. Bringing cross functional teams together to proactively drive new analytics capabilities within the company and ensuring high level of technical expertise.
  • Lead functions in the design, development and operational support (in a DevOps deliveryLead functions in the design, development and operational support (in a DevOps delivery model) of model) of projectproject--specificspecific data and AI applications, improving overall data quality and timelydata and AI applications, improving overall data quality and timely delivery of data and delivery of data and insights for business consumptions.insights for business consumptions.
  • Oversees and manages data quality assessment, data cleaning and data processing practices, with close Oversees and manages data quality assessment, data cleaning and data processing practices, with close partnership with IT partnership with IT team.
  • StayStayss upup--toto--date with industry trends and emerging technologies in data architecture, datadate with industry trends and emerging technologies in data architecture, data science and science and AI.


Key Requirements (skills, competencies, experiences, / 必要要件 (スキル、知識、経験、資格)

  • Ph.D. degree with 5+ years of experience, or M.S. degree with 10+ years of experience, in Computer Sciences, Statistics, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Physics, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Computational Informatics, Medical Informatics, Computational Biology or a re lated discipline.
  • 3+ years in roles that build a tangible business impact through Analytics and Data Sciences.
  • Strong working knowledge of data mining algorithms including machine learning techniques e.g. regression, decision trees, probability networks, association rules, clustering, neural networks, Bayesian models.
  • Familiarity with large datasets, handling of he althcare relevant datasets and understanding of data analysis workflows.
  • Proficient with one or more programming language such as R, Python, SAS or Java.
  • Experience delivering on data science projects using predictive technologies, data mining and text min ing.
  • U nderstanding of Big Data foundations as well as modern Data and Analytics ecosystems and technologies such as AWS and Azure cloud environments and services.
  • Experience managing complex projects with matrix collaboration between engineers, data scient ists, business and vendors; experience guiding innovation, model design and performance tuning,
  • E xperience establishing and maintaining key relationships with internal (peers, business partners and leadership) and external (business community, clients and vendors) within a matrix organization to develop strategies that meet department goals within budget and timelines.
  • Experience presenting findings to all levels of an organization, including the C Suite level.
  • Experience as a people manager/team lead and/o r first level supervisory skills.
  • Effective time management in complex a mbiguous, and deadline driven environments.
  • Fluent in Japanese and business level in English

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in Japan strongly recommends prospective employees to complete the COVID-19 vaccination before or as soon as after joining our company to prevent the spread of infection among our employees and people around them as well as our customers and the community we serve, and to ensure our responsibilities are sustainably fulfilled as a healthcare company (except for those who cannot vaccinated with underlying medical conditions and other circumstances).