[Janssen Vaccine] Facilities Maintenance Engineer(Spare parts Management)

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Incheon, South Korea
Posted on Tuesday, August 29, 2023
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1.      포지션: Facilities Maintenance Engineer(Spare parts Management)

2.      계열사: 얀센백신 (Janssen Vaccines)

3.      근무지: 인천 송도

4.      근무 형태: Regular


The Maintenance spare parts coordinator is responsible for coordinating spare parts materials for the Maintenance. Responsible for assisting in the determination of inventory levels; minimum/maximum quantities; and the requisitioning, storage, issuance, and control of spare parts.

[Key responsibilities]

  • Ensure that maintenance and other users have available, when and where needed, the necessary spare parts required to operate the Plant.
  • Coordinate the efforts of other users, purchasing, and accounting in determination and maintenance of inventory levels and determination of and adjusting of minimum/maximum quantities.
  • Maintain and is responsible for updating the Maximo inventory database.
  • Follow up and expedite spare parts requisitions to assist in the timely delivery of spare parts.
  • Maintain an adequate system for physically locating and storing materials. Set up and maintain a system for controlling the issue of spare parts.
  • Ensure that spare part rooms maintained in a safe, orderly, and clean condition.
  • Receive all spare part required for operations and maintenance of the Plant. Pick and have available when required, all spare parts for work orders listed on the daily work schedules.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Minimally basic degree in Science, Engineering and Technical subjects.
  • Ability to work very disciplined and accurate.
  • Excellent computer proficiency e.g MS Office, CMMS
  • Excellent analytical skill to identify gaps and root causes of issues and think out of the box to develop a solution.
  • Knowledge of GMP operations are preferred.
  • Strong team player also in interaction with external suppliers

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