[Janssen] Sr. Medical Science Liaison (MSL) - Immunology

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Auris Health

South Korea
Posted on Thursday, August 10, 2023


Johnson & Johnson is the world's most comprehensive and broadly based healthcare Company, touching the lives of nearly a billion people every day. Our Family of Companies throughout the world compete in consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical devices and diagnostics markets and have the skills and resources to tackle the world's most pressing health issues.

1. 포지션: Medical Science Liaison (MSL) – Immunology
2. 계열사: 한국 얀센 (Janssen)
3. 근무지: 서울시 용산구
4. 근무 형태: 정규직


  • ­ MSL is responsible for building scientific relationships with medical KOLs(Key Opinion Leaders) and seeking to understand unmet medical needs by approaching each interaction as a field medical communication channel of Medical Affairs, Janssen Korea
  • ­ MSL plays a role in developing and maintaining a medical strategic plan in alignment with cross-functional TA(Therapeutic Area) and company strategy through collaboration with internal/external stakeholders.
  • ­ MSL is responsible for conducting all activities in accordance with current regulatory and healthcare compliance guidelines.


External Customer Engagement & Partnership based on strategic agility as a medical representative of Medical Affairs, Janssen Korea

• Develop and maintain external relationships with key opinion leaders (KOLs) to identify scientific and stay abreast of current scientific trends

• Demonstrate the ability to calculate the impact of actions or words and a tailored approach

• Plan & execute external medical activities

Strategic evidence generation with broad product & Therapeutic Area knowledge

• Leverages knowledge of standards of care, Janssen company-sponsored clinical trials/ investigator-initiated studies, and competitor landscape to facilitate external-internal research communication

• Assess scientific/medical/practical data gaps and generate key research questions with prioritizing to propose data generating strategy

• Address and manage investigator-initiated studies upon an external request

• Engages with external investigators regarding unsolicited research inquiries and act as liaison to R&D, Clinical Research and Operation teams.

• Provide clinical trial support to identify potential sites, resolve issues with enrolled sites, and participate in meetings as appropriate, including site initiation visits and investigator meetings upon request.

• Conduct scientific exchange with the community and institutional Health Care Providers (HCPs), and respond to unsolicited scientific inquiries of HCPs/investigators integrating scientific data including real-world evidence into real-life practice to meet customer needs

Cross-functional Collaboration & Teaming

• Collect and provide meaningful medical insights back to the medical and commercial organizations to be actioned in support of the strategy development.

• Support the initial and ongoing medical/scientific area and product-specific training and provide key scientific updates to internal stakeholders, as necessary and appropriate.

Strong Scientific/Business acumen & effectiveness

• Consistently develop scientific/medical knowledge and business acumen by self-driven learning

• Maintains in-depth scientific and therapeutic knowledge, including Janssen and competitive products as well as disease states including standard of care

• Sets aside time for self-driven learning on current scientific landscape

• Attends scientific conferences to gather and understand new scientific information relevant to the company and the external scientific community

• Consistently leads one or more scientific or strategic projects that elevate acumen or increase visibility


• BS in Pharmacy, medical or life science is highly preferred

• Advanced degree in Master of science and above (PhD, MD, or PharmD) is preferred

• At least 3~4years’ experience in a position of MSL in a professional working environment in the pharmaceutical or related industries is required

• Understanding of local regulatory policy and industry’s code of practice related to drug registration, pharmaceutical promotion and clinical study

• In-depth scientific and/or therapeutic knowledge, strength in research and interpretation of scientific publications

• Knowledge for research, clinical trial design and process

• Knowledge of national healthcare and access system

• Excellent English language skills, spoken and written

• Interpersonal and communication skills to effectively interact with a broad range of external and internal personnel

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