[Janssen] Lung Cancer Product Training Manager, Operation & Management Dept, Solid Tumor Business Unit

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Posted on Wednesday, August 23, 2023
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Janssen Pharmaceutical Japan plans to enter the Lung Cancer/Bladder Cancer area for the first time in the future, which will require the establishment of a new organization and

training for the sales organization at the same time.

The Product Training Manger will be responsible for improving the quality of sales in the lung cancer/bladder cancer area by designing practical product training, creating training materials, and developing content. Perform training related analysis, training implementation, and training evaluation as needed to achieve the commercial strategy of increasing the competitiveness of sales in the assigned territory.

•Understands the goals and strategies of the marketing/sales department and collaborates with related departments to achieve results.

•Responsible for improving the "quality of sales" in the sales force. (KPI setting, progress management and reporting)

•Contribute to the development of Top MRs/KAMs/eMRs.

•Design effective, efficient, and engaging training that is non-traditional in format

•Communicate and align with assigned BU MKTs and necessary stakeholders.

•Collaborate with Commercial Excellence's Skill Training Group and Solid Tumor BUs to implement company-wide core skills training tailored to each BU's products and U's products and support the implementation of skills training.

•He/she is in charge of ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) of training for new organization start-up training, new MR training, and mid--career/transfer MR training.

【Responsibility and Role of Product Trainer 】

As the person in charge of training for the assigned BU/TA, the Product Trainer is responsible for the following

•Prepare training plans and materials for assigned TAs

•Consult, coordinate, and make decisions with BUs regarding training of assigned TAs

•Determine the What/How/When/Who of product training based on an understanding of new organizational structure policies and marketing strategies

•Design training and develop content in compliance with sales information provision guidelines

•Efficiently utilize training design vendors to design training

•Develop attendee lists for product training

•Train junior employee trainers

•Provide administrative support for Product Training Group


【Work Experience Qualifications 】

•Experience in a training department (lung oncology/bladder oncology experience strongly preferred)

•MR, DM, SCP (SL) experience or equivalent.

【Skills and abilities required (including those that can be learned on the job) 】

•High level of basic working skills*.

•Understanding of sales information provision guidelines and promotion codes

•Knowledge of MR General, Drug Information, Disease and Therapy

•Knowledge of in-house/other companies' products and peripheral knowledge(epidemiology, testing, diagnosis, treatment, etc.)

•Planning skills based on logical thinking

•Understanding of company strategy and BU strategy

•Business Instructional Design

•Negotiation skills

•Selling skills at the level of being able to teach (PSS as of 2022)

•Facilitation skills

•Instructional skills

•Presentation skills

•Coaching skills (general coaching, PSC, SL-II, etc.)

•Project management skills

•Basic marketing knowledge

•English language skills to prepare documents and reports

【The ideal candidate will have... 】

•An individual who is open to new challenges and not bound by existing ways of thinking or working.

•Open to new challenges without being restricted by existing ways of thinking or working.

•Able to work strategically and collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders to achieve goals, regardless of position, department, or division.

•A person who has a strong desire for self-growth

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in Japan strongly recommends prospective employees to complete the COVID-19 vaccination before or as soon as after joining our company to prevent the spread of infection among our employees and people around them as well as our customers and the community we serve, and to ensure our responsibilities are sustainably fulfilled as a healthcare company (except for those who cannot vaccinated with underlying medical conditions and other circumstances).