Senior Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Tuesday, April 2, 2024


About Caper:

Caper AI (alternatively known as Caper) is a software technology company that established in 2016, first invested by Y Combinator. It was acquired by Instacart in October of 2021.

Caper is a leading AI-powered shopping cart and checkout technology platform. Together, Caper is reimagining the in-store shopping journey by developing cutting-edge AI-powered shopping carts and automated checkout counters that bring together online and offline shopping to create a completely new in-store shopping experience for customers.

Our smart carts are currently deployed at some of the leading North American retailers, including Kroger and Wakefern, as well as Sobeys in Canada. This is in addition to their smart checkout counters in convenience stores.

About the Job (what are you going to do)

  • Design IoT System in Large Scale
  • Develop vendor agnostic factory automation software
  • Build next generation of Android and Backend development platform
  • Build infrastructure for internal tooling

About You

Minimum Qualifications

  • 8+ years of experience in Software Development
  • 5+ years of full stack experience (web+backend)
  • Master Java/Python
  • Proficient in System Design, Clean Code and OOP
  • Sufficient English skills to facilitate communication in daily tech development

Preferred Qualifications

  • Github projects with 100+ stars
  • Master Kotlin
  • Experience in large scale distributed systems
  • Knowledge of Cyber Security
  • Knowledge of DevOps (Kubernetes/Docker)
  • Knowledge of Cloud Platform (AWS/GCP/Azure)
  • Knowledge of Operating System
  • Master/PhD in Computer Science and related fields