Senior Scientist

Digital Biology

Digital Biology

Watertown, MA, USA
Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2024

At Digital Biology we focus on integrating technologies that enable mapping biological interactions in their native tissue context, and deploying these at the scale needed to understand and impact human disease. Our platform has broad applicability, from elucidating mechanism of action and biomarkers, to screening of genetically encoded systems.

Digital Biology is a rapidly growing Seed stage company backed by top VCs and partnering with the world’s top pharmaceutical companies. Our interdisciplinary team of biologists and engineers are passionate about bringing the future of biological measurements to life; we are looking for someone to work alongside us to make that a reality.

Role Overview

This role is focused on using data-driven approaches to optimize our cutting edge spatial-omics platform, with a particular focus on scaled data generation from human patient tissue samples. Optimizations will focus on combining high-resolution protein imaging with spatial sequencing to generate insights into human disease, maximizing data quality and information capture. Qualified candidates will have top-tier laboratory skills required to operate core processes end-to-end, including tissue handling, molecular biology, NGS, and imaging. Excellent design of experiments, project coordination, execution and results reporting are expected with a high degree of independence. In addition to laboratory skills, candidates should have strong critical thinking skills for statistical analysis and a team-driven mindset, with a passion for protocol development and standardization. This role requires building platform integration between protocols, information systems, and processed data, working within a cross-functional team environment. The ideal candidate will be strongly self-motivated to set ambitious goals and have a consistent focus on high value outcomes.

We are a very integrated team and platform, and a propensity to work collaboratively and openly share plans, progress, and insights is key. You will work closely with the bioinformatics team to provide input on computational pipeline design and to collaborate on data analyses, partner reports, and shareable data packages.

Core Responsibilities

  • Design and execute experiments to optimize our spatial-omics workflow end-to-end, developing new protocols and testing parameters for molecular biology reactions and tissue treatments.
  • Develop QC metrics for workflow steps and work closely with the computational team to define analyses and implement tracking of key metrics.
  • Independently analyze NGS and image data using core analytical pipelines, with support from the bioinformatics team.
  • Generate and analyze large, high-quality spatial-omics datasets to support platform development and build internal data moat from patient tissues in key indication areas.
  • Validate biomarkers and findings through tissue histology (FISH, IF).
  • Accurate record keeping in LIMS software (Benchling), implementing improvements to experimental data tracking and standard operating procedure (SOP) protocols.
  • Demonstrate a high level of strategic and technical autonomy, delivering results that inform key decisions and drive projects to achieve milestones.
  • Work collaboratively to develop talent within the broader team through technical mentorship of junior scientists and supervisory responsibilities.
  • Provide timely and comprehensive reporting of data and results in presentations and written reports to key stakeholders.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Support partner-facing project deliverables through data generation and preparation of reports.
  • Design DNA sequences (primers, probes, etc.) for molecular biology workflows.
  • Strategically adapt LIMS and data models together with evolving protocols.
  • Contribute to a positive team-oriented work environment.

Required Qualifications

  • Ph.D. or equivalent work experience in Molecular Biology, Biology, Genetics, or related field.
  • 2+ year of industry experience
  • Strong core proficiency in standard bioanalytical and synthesis methods for DNA and RNA (RT, qPCR, NGS, electrophoresis, cloning, oligo design)
  • Experience with histology (tissue sectioning, IHC, etc.)
  • Experience with high resolution microscopy
  • Fluency in using NGS-based metrics for QC and analysis of experiment outcomes
  • Hands-on experience conducting bioinformatic analyses, with experience in Python and/or R
  • Adept at protocol standardization and structuring data and metadata
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize work across multiple projects effectively and independently
  • Strong project management, communication, and documentation skills
  • Proven team player with demonstrated ability to lead rigorous and independent planning and execution of experiments

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with single-cell or spatial-omics technology application or development
  • Experience with cell culture, transfection, and molecular cloning

Company Benefits: Health, vision, life, dental insurance and 401K plan.

If you don't meet all of the requirements listed here, we still encourage you to apply or reach out to us. No job description is perfect – we may find an even more suitable opportunity that is a better fit for you.