Technical Support Engineer

Evolv Technology

Evolv Technology

IT, Customer Service
Waltham, MA, USA
Posted on Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Technical Support Engineer

The Elevator Pitch

Evolv is looking for a Technical Support Engineer to join our steadily growing team. In this role you will interact and support customers, partners and field service engineers. Acting as a trusted advisor in Evolv’ s technology. We keep people of all ages safe in schools, hospitals, stadiums and more. You will be helping keep people safe by supporting Evolv Express, weapon detection system, including our cutting-edge data analytics portal.

Success in the Role: What are performance outcomes over the first 6-12 months you will work toward completing?

In the first 30 days, you will:

· Participate in EvolvED our new hire training orientation

· Participate in our technical product training session

· Learn and understand the product, and product issues enough to assist with customer support.

· Shadow the rest of the support team working on customer issues.

· Assist with scheduled remote system upgrades and maintenance.

Within three months, you will:

· You will be a noticeable contributor to support tickets and able to handle common problems on your own.

· Proficient in the tools and diagnostics procedures to work independently on customer issues.

· Able to identify issues that need to be escalated for more involved troubleshooting.

· Familiar with adjacent products, such as integrations into 3rd party security applications and platforms.

By the end of the first year, you will:

· A trusted support resource, able to determine/resolve common support issues and reliably respond to requests when needed.

· Able to support Evolv security systems and adjacent products including integration with 3rd party security applications and platforms.

The Work: What type of work will you be doing? What assignments, requirements, or skills will you be performing on a regular basis?

  • Technical Proficiency
    • Field Service Experience:
      • Successfully handle on-site service and maintenance tasks.
      • Exhibit adaptability and resourcefulness in various field scenarios.
    • Technical Expertise:
      • Demonstrate deep understanding and troubleshooting of magnetic sensors, wiring schematics, and IoT connected devices.
      • Effectively use ServiceCloud or similar service platforms to manage and resolve issues.
  • Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Skills
    • Real-Time Problem Solving:
      • Accurately diagnose and resolve technical issues promptly.
      • Implement solutions that address the root cause of problems to prevent future occurrences.
    • Analytical Thinking:
      • Draw accurate conclusions from incomplete or ambiguous information.
      • Apply logical and strategic thinking to devise effective solutions.
  • Communication and Collaboration
    • Effective Communication:
      • Clearly articulate complex technical concepts to customers and partners.
      • Maintain strong, clear communication channels with all stakeholders.
    • Team Collaboration:
      • Work cohesively with field engineers, engineering teams, and customer success teams to provide comprehensive solutions.
      • Share knowledge and insights to enhance team performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Customer Relationship Management
    • Customer Support:
      • Provide exceptional support, anticipating and addressing customer needs proactively.
      • Build and maintain strong, trust-based relationships with customers.
    • Feedback and Improvement:
      • Gather customer feedback to improve product functionality and service quality.
      • Implement adjustments based on customer interactions and suggestions to enhance operation.
  • Documentation and Record Keeping
    • Detail-Oriented Documentation:
      • Accurately document technical issues and resolutions in the Evolv Service and Support Platform.
      • Maintain comprehensive records of customer interactions and issue tracking.
  • Resilience and Adaptability
    • Crisis Management:
      • Remain calm and confident in urgent or high-pressure situations.
      • Display persistence and follow-through with necessary parties until a resolution is reached.
    • Adaptive Thinking:
      • Prioritize tasks and adapt strategies effectively in a fast-paced environment.
      • Balance multiple responsibilities and communication threads efficiently.
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement
    • Growth Mindset:
      • Display an insatiable appetite for learning and personal development.
      • Stay updated with the latest technologies and industry trends to enhance service quality.
    • Proactive Improvement:
      • Continuously seek ways to improve technical skills and service delivery.
      • Embrace challenges fearlessly, viewing them as opportunities for growth and learning.

What is the leadership like for this role? What is the structure and culture of the team?

You will be joining the Technical Support team and reporting directly to the Technical Support Manager

The team culture is one based on building trust, collaboration, ongoing development through kindness, authenticity, courage, drive, and fun!

Where is the role located?

This role is based out of the HQ in Waltham, Massachusetts with some flexibility in being remote some days.

What is the salary range?

The base hourly range for this full-time position is $35-$40/hour + bonus + equity + benefits. Our hourly ranges are determined by role, level, and location. The range displayed on each job posting reflects the minimum and maximum target for new hire salaries for the position across all US locations. Within the range, individual pay is determined by work location and additional factors, including job-related skills, experience, and relevant education or training. Your recruiter can share more about the specific salary range for your preferred location during the hiring process.

Please note that the compensation details listed in the role posting reflect the base salary only, and do not include bonus, equity, or benefits.