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Looking Glass Factory

Looking Glass Factory

Sales & Business Development
Posted on Saturday, April 6, 2024

About Us

Hi! We’re Looking Glass. Our team is building the first great hologram company of the 21st century, charting a course out of flatland for all.

Our spatial displays lets users view lifelike, immersive, 3D media without the need for clunky headsets. They are designed to be collaborative and group viewable, transforming the way we interact with digital 3D content.

Founded in 2014, we’re headquartered in Brooklyn, NY with additional operations in Hong Kong. We are committed to helping the world’s biggest brands, organizations, and millions of individual 3D creators around the world complete their journey into the holographic future. Our displays can be found on the desks of tens of thousands of creators around the world and our customers include the likes of Pixar, Nvidia, Disney and LVMH.

About The Role

The Sales Associate at Looking Glass will play a crucial role in driving the sales of our innovative holographic displays and software solutions. This individual will be at the forefront of engaging with potential clients through managing inbound sales inquiries with prompt and thorough responses, conducting demonstrations that highlight the capabilities of our products, and actively participating in outbound prospecting to initiate conversations with potential clients.

This role is suited for an individual with a talent for both initiating and nurturing client relationships. The successful candidate will be a dynamic team player, collaborating closely with both the sales and marketing departments to fine-tune sales strategies and methodologies. A commitment to continuous learning and adaptation is key, as it will contribute significantly to the evolution of our sales processes.

In line with our mission to shape a future that's inspired by the inclusivity of Star Trek rather than the dystopian world of Ready Player One, we are dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive team.


  • Manage all inbound sales inquiries, providing prompt and comprehensive responses.
  • Conduct engaging demos to prospective clients, showcasing the potential of our holographic displays and software solutions.
  • Participate in outbound prospecting to identify and engage potential clients.
  • Collaborate with the sales and marketing teams to refine sales strategies and approaches.
  • Learn and adapt quickly, contributing to the ongoing development of our sales processes.