Defect Reduction Metrology Engineer - MOCVD



Goleta, CA, USA
Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2024


We are seeking a skilled Defect Reduction Metrology Engineer with expertise in image-based
defect detection and classification to support our GaN MOCVD EPI manufacturing and ongoing
development activities. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in python, machine
learning and Candela Surface Defect Inspection Systems. This position is based at the company
headquarters in Goleta, CA and will be full-time/on-site for our production support.
Job Responsibilities:
This position will work with senior technical staff to improve current metrology and develop new processes for MOCVD wafer characterization and analysis. Their responsiblities will include:

● Develop image-based defect classification to accurately classify optical defects in semiconductors using python and machine learning.
● Track and establish possible correlation between substrate defects and epitaxial defects; calculate wafer usable area and die yields.
● Screen incoming substrates based on correlated epitaxy defects and calculate usable wafer area and die yields.
● Support statistical process control (SPC), continuous improvement efforts and the management and dissemination of metrology data in support of our GaN EPI manufacturing and ongoing development activities.
● Participate in a team effort to improve quality and performance of epi wafers; help generate new ideas and approaches.
● Summarize and present experimental findings in written reports and regular team meetings.
● Communicate and help to resolve technical and operational issues in a timely manner.
● A demonstrated aptitude for data analysis, technology development.
● A demonstratde ability to communicate well with others and work equally well independently and as part of a team.
● Familiarity with Candela Surface Defect Inspection Systems, setup and configuration.
● Experience with semiconductor material characterization tools such as AFM, XRD, Reflectometry, Candela, Hall, SIMS, TEM, etc.
● Experience with scripting and data processing using Python, JMP, SQL or a similar tools.
● Experience with Image based Defect Analysis and ML / AI is strongly encouraged.
● A strong team participant, have excellent communication skills, and be resourceful and multi-talented.
● Well organized and great attention to detail; strong observational and analytical skills.
● Degree in an engineering or physical science discipline, with hands-on experience in
nitride epitaxy, MOCVD, or semiconductor materials and devices: BS with 5+ years
of experience, MS with 3+ years of experience, or PhD.
Because this engineer supports our government contracts they must be a U.S. Person, Permanent Resident or a Non-U.S. Person who is eligible to obtain the required Export Authorization.
We are a equal opportunity employer with and Affirmative Action Plan