Company Administrator

Whisper Aero

Whisper Aero

Crossville, TN, USA
Posted on Friday, May 12, 2023
Location: Nashville, TN

About the Role

Whisper Aero is a next-gen electric propulsion startup that delivers thrust more cleanly, efficiently, and quietly than ever before.
Whisper Aero is seeking a standout Company Administrator that is enthusiastic and organized to keep company operations running smoothly and efficiently. Effective multitasking is essential, as this role will wear multiple hats. This individual will play a key role in helping stand up and manage Whisper Aero’s new 8,000 sq ft Engineering and Prototyping Office in Nashville, TN, with occasional travel to visit the Crossville, TN 40,000 sq ft Testing and Manufacturing Center. - They will coordinate office contractors for the Nashville office and on an as-needed basis assist with contracting efforts at the Crossville office. This role may have the opportunity to grow into a Chief of Staff role later when the company is larger.

What You’ll Do

Nashville Office Lead
Work closely with the leadership in dealing with all aspects of running the company.
Interact across engineering teams and project managers to foster improved communication and facilitate company wide collaboration.
Work with internal and external customers to foster great relationships and responsiveness.
Manage office activities and facilities, including space planning/design, vendor and contracts.
Facilitate weekly food and beverage orders as well as restocking of general office supplies.
Work with organization/productivity tools such as ClickUp, CODA, and Google Office.
Coordinate office visitors and travel logistics for guests.
Respond/direct inbound company correspondence.
Update the employee handbook
Manage team calendars and plan events, from weekly socials to monthly on-sites and major events (e.g. investor demo days).
Maintain company vehicles, including maintenance schedules and repairs.
Manage office budget and monitor stock and order office supplies, equipment.
Dive into the opportunity to help a start-up grow into an amazing company.
Help make Whisper Aero a really fun place to work!
Document Management and Operation Processes
Develop the company documentation meta organization (NDAs, contracts, etc)
Stand up new operations processes and automation
Assist with document conversion for company-wide access to all files on the shared drive

Basic Qualifications

U.S. Person status (Whisper Aero performs DoD research and development)
Experience in a fast-paced startup, design, and/or prototyping environment
Strong technical, written, and verbal communication skills
Proven success in office administration and event planning
Self starter with ability to work individually or with others
Familiarity with Google Workspace, Coda, Zoom, ClickUp, DocuSign, and other remote working tools - or the ability to learn new productivity tools.
Desire to become a future leader

Bonus Qualifications

Experience working with engineers, or an engineering background.
Familiarity with programming languages and the ability to assist in engineering activities
Highly adaptive and flexible, with a willingness to embrace new tasks and work vibrantly across all company personnel
Experience in web design
Experience in product marketing and/or social media
Experience in communications
Experience in developing internal processes and automations
Familiarity with Adobe Design Suite
Interest in aviation

Application Process

Identify a role that’s a solid fit. We realize that perfect fits are hard to find, so if something doesn’t exactly line up, but you believe you could be the one, you should still consider applying.
Read through our values. We want every one of our team members to be a culture add. This means sharing our core values and the way we work.
Prepare your application. If you’ve found a job fit AND think you’ll be a culture add, we’d love to hear from you.
with the following subject line
[name_of_the_role] first_name last_name for Whisper Aero
ex. [CFD Engineer] Jane Doe for Whisper Aero
Attach reference materials
• Resumé
• Portfolio of prior work
• Links to your LinkedIn, website, and/or Github repo